The Innovation Lab

We’ve diligently worked with chaparral’s staff and teachers to create an environment that allows all
students to participate in hands-on experiments - designed to inspire children to seek knowledge and
gain a deeper understanding of how the world works.  The lab is set up to provide students an
opportunity to ask questions, problem solve and engineer solutions through designing and building
prototypes, investigating, analyzing and interpreting data, thinking outside the box, being creative,
learning the basics of coding and programming and much, much more - all through playful, interactive
learning experiences.

Our curriculum aligns with NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards). 

We have multiple curriculums in place; both teacher-led and parent-led lessons that provide an
enriching academic experience.  Because science and technology aren’t stagnant, our Lab will continue
to evolve and update -  providing our children with innovative educational opportunities that foster
academic growth and curiosity. 

If you (or your company) would like to donate your time or resources to our Innovation Lab please
contact Mrs. Rhiannon Buhr @